Honoring Volunteerism

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Spirit of America Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity established in  Augusta, ME in 1990 to honor volunteerism.    (A Spirit of America ceremony at the Maine State House is shown here on the right.)  

Spirit of America Foundation Tribute is presented in the name of Maine municipalities – and starting in 2022, the Spirit of America Foundation School Award is presented in the name of Maine schools – to local individuals, organizations and projects for commendable community service. Since Alma Jones received the first Spirit of America award from Augusta Mayor William Burney on Nov. 26, 1991, the tribute has been presented at 500+ ceremonies! 

The Spirit of America Foundation is supported by generous individuals and organizations in our community. Please consider making small donation today.

The Town of Pittston has recognized our volunteers for many years by honoring them using the Spirit of America Foundation guidelines for their service to our community. Most recipients are surprised when they are called to the floor, just prior to our Annual Town Meeting in March, to receive the Spirit of America Award. So thrilled are they – as is the community to honor to honor them! Not realizing that the Foundation had expenses to continue this program, Pittston had enjoyed the ‘umbrella’ of your support, but never supported the Foundation financially. It is hoped the enclosed check will help with the continuation of the Spirit of America program, and that it will encourage other towns to do the same.